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Study in Australia

Australia has a reputation for an innovative and research-intensive culture by adopting new technologies at a faster rate than most other countries, because of this it has one of the highest rates of Internet access in the world and has produced fifteen (15) Nobel prize-winning The majority of these prizes (eight) have been awarded in the field of Physiology or Medicine, and include the youngest ever laureate.
Why Study in Australia?

Every student is picky when choosing their course, especially if it involves relocating to a completely different country. Each student has a different reason for choosing Australia as their study destination. A few of them would be:

  • First-rate education guaranteed: Australia is the “pick of the bunch”, especially owing to the quality of education. It is a notable fact that out of the 100 best universities in the world, eight are from Australia, according to the QS World University Rankings 2022. Also, Australia provides several courses and programs to find at least one that fits your taste.
  • Ample career opportunities: Australia has comparatively simpler work visa procedures for graduates. It allows you to work for 20 hours during your semester and as a full-time worker during your semester breaks. This helps you gain some extra dollars. The visa authorities will never restrict you from exploring part-time or full-time work opportunities.
  • Cut down the expenses: When you compare Australia to other countries like the USA and UK, you will find that tuition fees and living expenses are quite low. Also, a wide array of scholarships await you there. Taking the University of Queensland into consideration, you will find that they offer several prestigious scholarships like the UQ High Achievers Scholarship for Indian students.
  • Country of diversity: Australia is a country of diversity. You will find people from all languages and cultures there, which helps you explore new things and makes you less homesick. Over 200 languages are being spoken in Australia, and the area of New South Wales will help you find around a lakh people of Indian descent.
  • Globally Recognised qualifications: Australia is the 3rd most preferred study destination globally and saw more than 1,00,000 International students in the first few months of 2022. Your certificate from an Australian university has a good global reputation because it is distinguished by the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).
  • Unique teaching and learning process: Australia’s teaching process is a bit different from the one that the other countries follow. They give more space to critical thinking, and the learning system goes at a pace. It does not make you swallow everything by heart.
  • International students’ rights: None can surpass Australia when it comes to giving rights and freedom to people. The Australian Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 ensures that international students’ study programs meet strict government standards.
  • Career-focused education: The Australian education system is more career-oriented. They provide both long term and short term study programs, the syllabus of which also includes certain skills. Apart from that, those like the University of Queensland allow students to shift from one course to another.
  • Research-oriented programs: Australia provides great importance to research and has several universities that led to the development of several notable inventions. For instance, the University of Queensland was the only university that was asked to develop a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The beautiful landscape: Australia is one place gifted with a beautiful landscape and bustling, developed cities. If you are a fan of nature trips and adventures, you can visit the Great Barrier Reef, Bondi Beach etc. On the other hand, a visit to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House etc., will help you enjoy sophisticated Australia.